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#BeckBromFL is the agreed hashtag on Twitter to centre all local residents and businesses around and to be used in the largest online conversation thread locally.

Its origin came from several different hashtags that were being used by different people and groups on Twitter such as #BeckenhamFollowLadder, #BromleyFollowLadder and its hybrid #BBFL all coalesced into one put forward by local Anna-Marie

Those using the hashtag will have the ability to be in ongoing conversations that are not only entered into by hundreds, but also retweeted to several thousand more locals who will learn about latest news, info, events, offers, local business, able to ask questions and get quick replies from the online neighbourhood that spans Chislehurst, Orpington, Hayes, West Wickham, Sydenham, Dulwich, Penge, Elmers End, Eden Park, Shortlands, Downham, Catford, Lewisham, Crystal Palace and of course Beckenham and Bromley.

So if you want to be in it then use the hashtag #BeckBromFL now in your tweets.

Of course any @Beckenham or #Beckenham tweets will still be picked up by me and rebroadcast as necessary, but try to make use of the #BeckBromFL one and you'll be engaging more people than ever before and of course making new friends, business contacts and acquaintances.

And here you can see those discussions live - so feel free to bookmark the page #BeckBromFL and do view it regularly.

You'll find this page under the Home button on the navigation bar of this website for next time too :-). Just hover over 'Home' and you'll see it displayed in the drop down box.

Feel free to add your comments or questions etc below

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Comment by JC on September 5, 2013 at 9:48
Next #BeckBromFL live meet up is on 10th Sept @AquaBarandGrill Bromley - if you tweet locally please do come along and meet over 100 others who could be your followers. Great social gathering and fun night
Comment by JC on March 25, 2013 at 21:50

NEXT #BECKBROMFL live meetup tweetup 20th May 2013 at £10 ticket from @CinnamonCulture - Meet loads of local tweeters, great evening

Comment by JC on January 2, 2013 at 20:12
So what is #BeckBromFL all about and how can it help me as a business or a Bromley local? Read this to find out.

#BeckBromFL stands for the Beckenham/Bromley Follow Ladder. Conceived just over 12 months ago as a beacon to flag local information from companies and individuals to Bromley's tweeting community.

Use your search option and type in #BeckBromFL and importantly save this search. The search will reveal many Bromley companies sharing business information, promotions and twitter offers. It will also show tweets from individual tweeters in the area who need local information. Call up the search regularly and follow all users who use #BeckBromFL in their tweets.

For businesses, #BeckBromFL is a direct-line to one of the largest local tweeting networks in the South-East and is growing daily. Members retweet for other members and using the # guarantees local follows but there are a few rules for businesses using the #. These rules make it work more efficiently and fairly for everyone.

Rule number 1 - Thank non-business tweeters that RT your tweets. Instead of thanking businesses that RT your tweets, RT one of their promotional tweets instead. #BeckBromFL operates an RT for RT policy. If you don't do this, you will find that people will not bother helping you promote your business, they will RT someone else!

Rule number 2 - Every day on #BeckBromFL look out for the #bizoftheday. Try and retweet at least once for each daily business who is the nominated #bizoftheday. Your retweet from them puts you in with a chance to be selected as #bizoftheday for the following day. Being in the spotlight as #bizoftheday can gain you literally, hundreds of retweets. The most so far is just under 300!! #bizoftheday resumes on 3rd January.

Rule number 3 - As well as retweeting in kind for those companies who RT you, please choose several #BeckBromFL tweets to RT to your followers each day. I like to vary my 'free-choice' tweets to keep it interesting for my followers.

Rule number 4 - Make sure you follow and follow-back users of the network. The more involved you get, the more you will receive back.

Rule number 5 - Please only add #BeckBromFL to your tweets if you are in Bromley or close surrounding areas otherwise it becomes non-sensical.

If you would like any help in getting to grips with using twitter for business and would like one to one coaching please DM. I hope this clarifies things somewhat.

Regards, Lynda
Comment by on December 2, 2012 at 20:42

All locals who tweet are invited to buy a ticket and attend the Christmas #BeckBromFL live tweetup to celebrate a great twitter year where hundreds of locals and businesses have connected like never before. Tickets are £10 - the date - 11th December , Tuesday, 8pm till late, venue is Baccarat Hair Salon where it all started. Tickets are going fast and cover food and selection of locally supplied nibbles, so come and meet 100 other local tweeters, and if you know anyoneusing #BeckBromFL you can put many a face to a twitter name :-) too.

Comment by JC on September 12, 2012 at 11:34

See you all there tonight - don't forget the latest live TweetUp & MeetUp and yes you can buy tickets on the door £5 each entitles you to 2 free drinks - bring your Twitter friends!

Comment by JC on August 10, 2012 at 14:41

The next Tweetup real life meet up is on the Wednesday 12th September at @TheBeckenham , Beckenham High Street - Tickets £5 from The Beckenham or Baccarat Hair Salon, 68 High Street Beckenham. A brilliant night and venue for all locals who tweet! The last 2 meet ups had over 60 people from all over the borough and we expect far more this time too.

Comment by JC on May 18, 2012 at 12:09

Counted back the #hashtag from last night and found 63 local twitterers had joined in at some point last night. Well done everybody! Good to see some new names. Remember to tell your followers to use the #BeckBromFL hashtag for more local contacts - it's about 'local' , not just business, just a great twitter network at your fingertips of helpful and lovely locals.

Don't forget the 30th May actual physical meetup - see below for details - always great fun putting profile names to faces and cementing even better freindships and help

Comment by JC on May 15, 2012 at 20:39

New online Tweetup arranged for this Thursday 17th May - Don't forget to tweet using the hashtag #BeckBromFL to centre all the conversations together. Open to all locals far & wide

Comment by JC on April 24, 2012 at 9:42

The new venue for #BeckBromFL on the 30th May has changed and now been agreed it's (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) at @ElChicosBromley 8-10pm 30th May Tickets still available from Baccarat Hair Salon in Beckenham High Street and Inside Out Living, 240 High Street, Bromley T:020 8466 7916

Comment by JC on April 5, 2012 at 11:00

Did a countback and w had 47 'local' tweeps pop in and post during the #BeckBromFL tweetup on Tuesday night.  A great turn out considering it's a holiday week and many regulars away. Nice to see a fair few new twitterers join in too

Comment by JC on March 28, 2012 at 21:28

Next online TweetUp 9-10pm Tuesday 3 April #BeckBromFL Follow @Beckenham for updates

Comment by JC on March 23, 2012 at 10:51

More pictures from the first ever tweetup meet-up in Beckenham in March

Who's going to the next one?

Comment by JC on March 22, 2012 at 11:17

#BeckBromFL is a tweetup for anyone, it's about making friends with other twitter locals. Take part, you'll really enjoy it & find it helpful.

Good News #Bromley #Beckenham TweetUp 30th May @CaffeeElizee £5 limited tickets from @baccarat_hair @InsideOutLiving #BeckBromFL RT

Comment by JC on March 21, 2012 at 16:50

If you want to see all the pictures from the first ever #BeckBromFL Tweetup meet-up (try saying that quickly!) then they are all here

Comment by JC on March 18, 2012 at 21:24

The first #BeckBromFL real life meet-up was a resounding success last Thursday. The generous and most organised hostess with the mostess Lynda. owner of Baccarat Hair Salon in the High Street, hosted the brilliant night. Part business folks, part local residents - everyone local - was the perfect mix.

What started out as an online group of 5-60 individuals all with Twitter as their communication platform showed that in a few weeks new friendships could be created and a sense of neighbourly harmony is on the up in the borough.

There was magnificent food, the drink was flowing, attentive waitresses, bon homie and some amazing magic that even used the group’s Twitter platform to provide a spooky finale to astound us all.

It started at 8pm, and whilst most of the 60 or so who came along departed around midnight, some hardcore friends were there in to the small hours.

Putting faces to profile names was a game everyone was playing. Mine, well my profile might have been well known; I’ve probably retweeted everyone in that room several times; but it was great for many to work out who was behind the @Beckenham tweets once and for all.

Even then not everyone got to meet everyone on the night so a second meet-up looks odds on to happen. Perhaps this time a local bar or restaurant would like the chance to host what I bet will be far more than 60 locals at the next one? The Beckenham and Bromley Twitter following grows bigger every day.

Big thanks to everyone, they all had a part to play and the evening, let alone the online neighbourhood we are creating would be nothing without everyone’s input. We are already looking forward to the next one and meeting all those who were unable to attend this one and the more new followers of #BeckBromFL too.

Yes, the hangover has finally gone, the memories and new friendships will last forever. Well at least until the next time!

Thanks Lynda et al

Jon @Beckenham

Comment by JC on March 5, 2012 at 16:00

Here is the list of ticket-holders for the inaugural 15th March BeckBromFL event. Get following and talking! Please tweet @Baccarat_hair if there are any amendments/errors.

If you have yet to purchase your ticket, Lynda at Baccarat would be grateful if you could do so as soon as possible.

@AlexTamplin                  Alex Tamplin
@Anj100                          Andrea Kechiche
@Anniesupperclub           Chef Annie
@Baccarat_hair                 Lynda Wright
@Baccarat_hair                 Paul Wright
@Bakerbecca                    Rebecca Ashton
@Beckenham                    Jon Clarke
@Bestequityman               Richard Latteman       ticket awaiting payment and collection
@BR3Mag                         Nina Bennett / Jon  Marden       ticket awaiting collection
@bright-ed                      Deborah Durack        ticket awaiting payment and collection
@Bromleydirect                Richard Post
@Bromleyleaflets             Steve Hutson
@Capiegirl                       Penny Robins
@ChicaneDavid                David Walkley
@CreateBR3                     Sandra O'Shea
@CreateBR3                     Name to be advised
@DenDamBelle                Denise Estcourt
@Digitalfingers                Dave Flynn
@Fionasalsa                     Fiona                      
@Footprintsandpawprints Sharon Rodwell
@Goodfairiesuk                Sarah Codd
@HolisticHyp                    Tanya Caffrey
@InsideOutLiving             Wayne Gomes
@JamesCarr90                 James Carr              ticket awaiting payment and collection
@Jane_Rogers                  Jane Rogers
@Jessicamayadam            Jess May
@KateDarkins                  Kate Darkins
@KirstyHarper01              Kirsty Harper
@Ladypainterdeco            Kim Teasdale
@LavenderBromley           Niki Watt                 ticket awaiting collection
@LeopardprintLtd            Taor Morris
@Lillyput_Uk                    Elizabeth Shrimpton
@Lime_lighting                Chris Johnson
@LittleFingersUK              Clair Madeley
@Lovelybills                     Barbara Taylor
@MamaJerarri                  Sarah Jerrari
@Mapsillustrated             Michael Hill
@MayorofBromley            David McBride
@MissJemT                      Jemma Tarrant
@niccylouclark                 Nikki Clark
@pixelvixenuk                 Tracy Howl
@PJHarling                       P J Harling               ticket awaiting collection
@Plewsgd                        Marie Shallcross
@Protect_my_data           Roarke
@RobPhillip69                 Rob Phillips
@Savoirmancom              Kozan Huseyin
@SceneMagazines           James Nicol              ticket awaiting collection
@Songbird_Music            Michelle Stratford
@SJSsolutions                  Sam Last                     ticket awaiting collection and payment
@s0s_plumbing               Darren Wright
@SteveDela                      Steve Dela
@timbits12                      Debbie Mallagh
@yummycakeco                Joanna Walton
@  (tba)                             Neil Glanney

total = 54

Comment by JC on February 24, 2012 at 19:02
The next tweetup online is the Wednesday 29th February between 9-10pm but it does go on to about 10.30pm or whoever logs off last. Open to all local Twitterers, just remember to use the #BeckBromFL hashtag in all your tweets.

We had 55 in last night's tweetup.
Comment by JC on February 20, 2012 at 15:44

9-10pm Thursday 23rd February, #BeckBromFL 3rd Tweetup online - pass it on & RT - let's get more than 60 this time

Comment by JC on February 19, 2012 at 18:03

There is a planned real world meet-up of local Beckenham/Bromley etc twitterers which is open to everyone and is being tweeted daily about using the hashtag #BeckBromFL. The event is on the 15 March, Thursday night 8pm-10pm at Baccarat Hair Salon in Beckenham High Street.

There were 50 tickets available from Lynda at Baccarat so pop in to the salon and pick up yours - they cost £5 and the money goes to buy the food and drink for the night.

This is an inaugural event and let's hope it brings together a lot of locals from all over to make new friends, put names to faces and network and laugh.

Tweet, Facebook Like or Email this page to your friends too and see you there on the 15th March

Comment by JC on February 1, 2012 at 22:09

The second #BeckBromFL tweetup took place last night. The Mayor Of Bromley joined around 60 locals who tweeted in from all over borough, sharing life, work and recommendations. Lots of new friends and followers were made and @Baccarat_Hair offered a live venue for a real life meetup on the 15th March at her salon. It's an all ticket affair and more details on where and when these are available will be posted later, so either check back here over the next few days or search Twitter on #BeckBromFL to find out.

List in our Local Directory

Local Services

- Accountancy & Bookkeeping

- Advertising Services

- Architects & Designers

- Arts & Illustrators

- Bars, Pubs, Clubs

- Beauty & Health Salon/Mobile/Home Parties

- Boutiques & Personal Shoppers

- Bridal & Wedding

- Builders & Decorators

- Business Services

- Cake & Bakers

- Carpenters

- Car Sales, Dealers & Parts

- Cleaning Services

- Computer Services

- Counselling & Psychotherapy

- Crafts

- Dentists

- DJ & Music Services

- Drainage & Guttering

- Dressmakers & Seamstresses

- Driving Schools & Instructors

- Electricians

- Emergency Services

- Entertainment & Days Out

- Estate & Letting Agents

- Family, Parents, Children, Baby

- Financial Services

- Fire Security Locksmiths Alarms

- Flooring

- Food & Drink

- Foreign Exchange

- Funerals & Undertakers

- Garages & Mechanics

- Gardeners & Fencers

- Glaziers, Windows, Glass

- Hairdressers

- Health, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists

- Home Improvements

- House Clearance

- Hypnotherapy

- Jobs, HR & Recruitment

- Keep Fit, Gym & Dance

- Kitchens Bathrooms & Fitters

- Management Agents

- Mobility Services

- Money Transfer & Loans

- Mortgage Brokers/Advice

- Nannies & Baby Sitters

- Party Services, Halls/Venues, Entertainers

- Pest Control/Exterminators

- Plumbers & Boiler Engineers

- Photographers

- Plasterers

Printers & Copiers

- Religion

- Removals

- Restaurants

- Restorers

- SHOPS - Local & Online

- Slimming & Weightloss

- Sports

- Solicitors

- Surveyors

- Takeaways

- Taxi, Mini Cab, Chauffeur & Car Hire

- Teachers and Tutors

- Topiary & Hedges

- Utilities

- Vets and Pets

- Video & Film Services

- Voluntary Services

- WIFI places

If there is a category that you'd like just ask Jon the owner for it :-)



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