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Welcome to Beckenham's best local independent website created by Beckenham residents to share with their neighbours and be the heart and soul of this lovely leafy green town we all love in the London Borough of Bromley.


"ENJOY THE NEIGHBOURHOOD FEELING ONLINE"- The website was initially set up to create a live debate on Controlled Parking Zones in the Clock House area of the town and it grew and grew as more neighbours joined, inviting their friends and family members to join too, and then they started to post on all types of discussions on issues, some important, some frivolous. But no matter what was posted it was valuable to residents and accessible by all. Free and Independent.

In the past few years locals' actions and sharing of information on here have changed schools, saved artisan businesses, reunited lost pets with owners, grown local businesses and trades, alerted many to scams and set aside fears of rioters in the local vicinity, as well as promoted local artists, musicians, school events and all manner of things. Your posts matter, and to more people than you realise.


What's wonderful about the website is that anyone can join, use the site, post what they want, create things and have their own voice heard. Local newspapers and local councils aren't always so open, but this site is, so you get to know a lot more than those channels might give you, and being fiercely independent it allows better news and discussion sharing.


Due to the great platform this site is built on we've been able to take all the best local news, jobs, information, transport and events from other sites and sources and have them all in one place. Perfect to bookmark and add to your favourites, you don't need to trawl loads of other sites. If you can't find something you thought would be on the site or need help from other neighbours here, just post in the forums and hey presto it will no doubt be answered pretty quickly. We like to help and make your life easier :-)

The Ning platform makes it easy for all to post, edit, delete, cut and paste a whole many things on the website, and especially a Member's own page, where one can even change its look and feel. A member can create their own Blog, or add in their's from elsewhere. They can add numerous apps and widgets to their page, plus when they post they can share those posts via Twitter and Facebook or bring in posts, photos and video from other channels into their profile and elsewhere on the website.


For all of you who are involved in groups, teams, societies etc you might like to know you can easily create a special open or closed group page for all your members by creating a Group in the Groups section. All free and straight forward. You can see in the Groups section above some that have already been made and get an idea on what the layouts are like. You have a Text Area, Discussion Forum, RSS Feed Area & Comments; invite only, closed to the public eyes, or open to everyone - it's up to you! Go create!


We update the site as much as possible, kicks out the odd spammer which gets through the site's defences once in a while.


We also are and for those who do Twitter do follow him, it's the quickest news service and answer machine in the borough! A mix of posts some relevant, sometimes funny, always helpful.


The website was hopefully going to be named or even, but alas they had gone so it was decided the .US prefix was chosen as it really does stand for all of 'US' here in the locality of Beckenham - neighbours and friends - a great place to share, learn, invite, help and be neighbourly.


The site is always being updated and added to; there's so much Jon wants it to be and it's a real labour of love. It's not a business, he has a day job, but since Ning introduced monthly fees, he shells out about £200 a year to pay for all of this for you; so to help maintain it if anyone would like to more overtly place their business etc on the website then do please get in touch with him; a little donation can go a long way and banner ads and sponsorship of areas is possible. The current user numbers on the site range around 300 to 800 a day depending on local events, adverse weather etc. Combined with @Beckenham tweets to circa. 15,000+ local twitter followers it's well worth a little investment.


The 'About US' section and T&C's is currently being looked at so it gives everyone better information.


If you are not a member, jump in and join. If you are already a member, come on, invite a friend or a neighbour, next stop 2500+ locals as fast as possible and then even more the merrier.

List in our Local Directory

Local Services

- Accountancy & Bookkeeping

- Advertising Services

- Architects & Designers

- Arts & Illustrators

- Bars, Pubs, Clubs

- Beauty & Health Salon/Mobile/Home Parties

- Boutiques & Personal Shoppers

- Bridal & Wedding

- Builders & Decorators

- Business Services

- Cake & Bakers

- Carpenters

- Car Sales, Dealers & Parts

- Cleaning Services

- Computer Services

- Counselling & Psychotherapy

- Crafts

- Dentists

- DJ & Music Services

- Drainage & Guttering

- Dressmakers & Seamstresses

- Driving Schools & Instructors

- Electricians

- Emergency Services

- Entertainment & Days Out

- Estate & Letting Agents

- Family, Parents, Children, Baby

- Financial Services

- Fire Security Locksmiths Alarms

- Flooring

- Food & Drink

- Foreign Exchange

- Funerals & Undertakers

- Garages & Mechanics

- Gardeners & Fencers

- Glaziers, Windows, Glass

- Hairdressers

- Health, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists

- Home Improvements

- House Clearance

- Hypnotherapy

- Jobs, HR & Recruitment

- Keep Fit, Gym & Dance

- Kitchens Bathrooms & Fitters

- Management Agents

- Mobility Services

- Money Transfer & Loans

- Mortgage Brokers/Advice

- Nannies & Baby Sitters

- Party Services, Halls/Venues, Entertainers

- Pest Control/Exterminators

- Plumbers & Boiler Engineers

- Photographers

- Plasterers

Printers & Copiers

- Religion

- Removals

- Restaurants

- Restorers

- SHOPS - Local & Online

- Slimming & Weightloss

- Sports

- Solicitors

- Surveyors

- Takeaways

- Taxi, Mini Cab, Chauffeur & Car Hire

- Teachers and Tutors

- Topiary & Hedges

- Utilities

- Vets and Pets

- Video & Film Services

- Voluntary Services

- WIFI places

If there is a category that you'd like just ask Jon the owner for it :-)



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