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I'm afraid really disapprove of such an item on this website. Ticket inspectors are there to protect revenue. Fare evasion costs other passengers and the taxpayer millions of pounds every year. It is a criminal offence which is dealt with in the magistrates court and results on conviction in a criminal record.

What next, police patrol tweets for burglars and street robbers?

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What it actually highlights are those who are evading the system too and if the police used their powers they could track them - technology works two ways - It's also there for people to be aware and those that don't buy tickets to make sure they buy one. I see the positives, not the negatives.

Sorry that is disingenuous nonsense Jon.

We know evasion takes place. To suggest that a site which enables people to break the law could be used by the rail companies - if they invested millions of pounds in real time tracking could catch people claiming to evade is twaddle. The present system catches people in the act and provides the necessary evidence for a prosecution. Your website is designed to warn them to evade the proper authorities and is properly unlawful in that you are obstructing the ticket inspectors and the police in the execution of their duty.

On the logic displayed in your contribution I expect to see 'tweets' for police Automatic Number Plate Recognition stops so that car tax evaders can be warned, anti-robbery squad patrol tweets, publication of unmarked police car number plates etc

I would strongly advise that you remove this particular site asap as you could be charged with conspiracy.

Sorry that is disingenuous nonsense Nicholas.

We disagree, which is fine by me, we aren't all made nor think the same. That's the independent free voice this site upholds. I welcome your input.

Please remove my membership of this site. As a magistrate I do not want to be associated with a website that has a section which is designed to assist the breaking of the law. It is a pity that an excellent website is spoilt by your inabilty to understand legal implications of hosting such a section.

I shall advise my colleagues, the Council and the other responsible authorities of the view you take as the owner of the site.

Dear Councillor, I will remove you if that is your request, you can actually remove yourself too, but reporting twitter comments is not against the law and I have not implied in anyway that anyone is to break the law, you yourself are reading what you will into that. I can point to countless pages upon this website and my own twitter profile that helped inform the local public of crimes and the summer riots false claims of mayhem etc, very much upholding the Law. You are free to choose whatever site you wish to join or leave and I wish you well in that respect.

Is it really so different to the satnav systems that warn you in advance of where the speed cameras (there to enforce the law) are on your route?


Dear John,

 Good for you in upholding the law by drawing attention to wrongdoing in last summer’s riots and elsewhere. That said, I struggle to see how drawing attention to sites which allow others to avoid ticket inspectors (I commented on this about 12 months ago) can be seen in the same light – unless you were warning rioters of the whereabouts of the police – I hope not. Cllr Bennett explained the legal implications of fare evasion and I would add that we who pay for tickets are, unwillingly, subsidising those who choose not to. Clearly we not all in this together!


 I note that you claim not to endorse such activities and are merely passing on information. Your rather facile defence of not advocating that others break the law whilst pointing them towards the means to do so really doesn’t stand up. Why would you highlight such information if you did not in some way approve? Can we expect to see links, informing those who might be interested, of where items are easily stolen from shops, or where vulnerable old people live  - I could go further, but you get the point.  Such links  would appear to be, in your terms, merely passing on information and in no way detrimental to the good conduct of society.


Please don’t post one of your usual wide-eyed and innocent responses claiming that it’s nothing to do with you, that we are all free to believe what  we want and that in providing people with the means doesn’t in any way involve you in the result. In having done so previously it seems to me that you have not provided any sensible response to Cllr. Bennett’s comments.


It’s time to take responsibility John. You have put a lot of work into creating an excellent and useful site in which you encourage community spirit and engagement. Don’t spoil it by ignoring the fact that what may appear to be cool and trendy, and uses that exciting new media stuff, may in fact be encouraging illegality.

I don't often fully agree with Cllr Bennett but in I have to say that in this instance Ithink he is spot on.  

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