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New flats are planned between the High St & The Drive, Beckenham. 44 flats, 37 parking bays, 160plus people.There have been 74 comments lodged with Bromley Council planning officers and you can see the full history of the area here 86-94 High Street


The details of the proposed development are here on the council website 11/02100/FULL

3 four storey blocks comprising 9 one bedroom, 32 two bedroom and 3 three bedroom flats, with 37 car parking spaces, bicycle parking, landscaping and access | Land Rear Of 86 To 94 High Street Beckenham


All comments must be lodged with the planning office of Bromley Council asap.

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I'm not against it per say, but I do want every new build to have adequate car-parking built in or under the properties so that they don't impact on the surrounding area shops and residents, there's precious little parking in the centre of town for residents.


I wonder what the costs of the apartments will be? How many are affordable housing stock and normal stock. Depends on the builder, the flats could be high-end or just adequate. 

I really hope this planning application goes through (I'm probably in a minority of one!). I'm almost 29, my partner is 27 and our household income is £70k per annum yet we are completely unable to afford to buy a flat in Beckenham (despite the mortgage working out cheaper than the rent - thanks HSBC!).


Recently we had to move out of our 2 bedder in Molvic Court (Beckenham Rd, just behind the post office) as the landlord was selling. The asking price was £250k which I thought we could stretch to so I popped down to a mortgage broker who told me that to buy somewhere at £250k I'd need to raise a deposit of £80k!


Unless Beckenham invests in new housing stock first time buyers will be priced out of the market. This will have an effect on people with larger properties in the long term as people will be unable to acquire equity to buy larger properties in time, and also should properties be vacant for extended periods of time the council has the right to acquire them for social housing.


I am sensitive to people who don't want the area to become too densely populated, and I wouldn't want to live in a town which is nothing but high rise tower blocks but I don't think 40 odd flats will make that much difference.


Rant over :-)


I understand your pain Rob, we got on the ladder some years ago and I during the day job work with lots of house builders and they too have problems finding first time buyers who can get together such exorbitant initial deposits and finance. You might be better off checking out new homes builders in the area as they'll be able to help with deposit, shared equity, etc etc and have better deals with mortgage companies direct taking on some of the risk. I hope you get on the property ladder soon, if all else fails you might need to build your own (slightly tongue in cheek - I found this

Land for sale


90 Upper Elmers End Road, BECKENHAM, Ken

- )

I think it's just an inevitable process of increasing property prices which means all 'spare' bits of land get built on.  Personally in favour of 'central' Beckenham developments as they restore life to our high st and help sustain good restaurants, bars, shops, transport links. 

However, not looking forward to the impact on traffic in that area - that stretch between the public toilets and Natwest is busy enough as it is, without adding 37 more parking spaces.

I am not against any development either however this plan includes woefully inadequate parking and space for 160plus people.  There are only 37  parking places planned.  We live in The Drive and have significant difficulties with the speed and amount of traffic and parking without the addition of 160plus neighbours.  Only 9 out of the 44 flats are flagged for social or more accessible housing so this will not be a big bonus in this area either as I understand it.  For a very small piece of land - this is overdevelopment in my opinion.

Rob - we took ages to get on the property ladder as well so we completely get it.  I am not sure that this is likely to prove more affordable though.  It would be worth checking other London and Quadrant Housing developments and checking whether they are affordable.

Beckenham Residents please come to planning meeting at Civic Centre, Bromley 24 November at 7pm to stop ill-planned development behind Beckenham's High Street.


It would seem little has been changed by the council thus far. When has builidng flats without adequate parking been the right choice?


It's a fine line between need & greed. You can have great developments but they need far better planning. It's not just housing, but roads, schools, parking, noise, waste, etc all need assessing. Joined up planning not ad-hoc grab a bit of land & build whatever to make a quick profit and a local council happy

Hi Jon

There will be 37 underground parking spaces for 160 people so nowhere near sufficient.  It is also planned to be four story with solar panels on top of that.  The houses in surrounding area - The Drive, Church Avenue are two story so a great modern, very much low end development will tower over two story 1930s houses - crazy.  There will be no space for local business on the corner of the High Street in front of the development to get deliveries and because of the proximity of the traffic lights there. 

Our streets are already crammed with commuters parking all day - residents are unable to park and most have had to dig up their front gardens to just to have somewhere to park. 

The recommended density for the area is 11 per hectare - this will be 115 per hectare - ten times more.  London and Quadrant housing are the developers.  They managed to override the council's rejection of a smaller proposal five years ago.  Their approval ran out in March I believe and they have asked for an extension which we are also proposing then have their new application up for consideration on Thursday as well.  it is notable that the original proposal was for 32 (ish) flats.

The flats are very poky with insufficient parking, have no play area for children (contrary to the Mayor of London's Strategic Plan for housing in London).  Given the lack of size and quality it is most likely that this will end up being social housing, although quite why those needing social housing should be crammed into inadequate space is beyond me.

It should be noted that Bromley Council (met by the development on Bromley Common) has met its housing quota until 2013 and has in place a five year plan to meet the next target without this development so it is not as if we are trying to stop much needed housing.

Please come along if you are free - we really need the support. 


It does sound seriously over crowded, and I can see why residents of the Drive will be worried about the impact on them, and their privacy. 


A little off topic - but something like the Kevin Mccloud project in Bristol would be a much more sensible proposal for such a small space.



Sounds great.  Cram em in!  As long as someone makes a huge profit out of it why not.

I believe the meeting ended with no win for the developers and planners and the council saying think again and we'll come back to this. If anyone was at the meeting do please post here a fuller update.

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