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What does everyone think of the AdBars on the bottom of the website? They are a new creation of mine here at work and I'm just trialling them on the website to make sure they work fine.


They are packed with lots of dynamic elements and if you refresh the page a few times you might see Pizza Hut, Walt Disney or HSS Hire. Please let me know which one you like best.


I've got the agreement of local newspapers, plus a host of big websites to take this format and it offers clickthrough 10-60 times better than normal banners, plus it also has all the social media & QR elements in them to add more engagement.


Each one is bespoke and we love being as creative as possible with them.


So fire back those comments - from the love'm to hate'm I don't mind, all comments are welcome

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I like it, not sure about it moving constantly, the pizza slice that is, as it attracts my attention, and I would be less likely to leave the page up on screen. but otherwise they are not intrusive, and are tidy. but I think they do need to be more obvious, 

 eg: the pizza, I would never know it was pizza hut. and I am very unlikely to hover over it to find out. 

eg: maybe the pizza could be wearing the recognised pizza hut hat.... would also add a funny element to it, and get more peoples attention. 


but the constant moving pizza slice is getting more and more annoying as I type this, maybe even if it did not move so often, also that way you might get people think "did that move" and they will be more curious. 


The HSS one does not show very well in Chrome, as the status bar still shows for a while some times and hides bit of it. also If I resize my browser it does not re-place its self and stays where it is. 



Hi Jon

I think that if the AdBars are done well, as in the case of the Disney one shown on the site, they are great. They can however be very distracting.






This is all great feedback everyone. We are trying to sort out different browser limtitations and every comment is worthy. Cheers Jon 

The Adbars will come and go on the website as a test at times, but thanks to everyone both on here and twitter who gave me feedback on them and the browsers they viewed them in. The day job involves me planning and buying digital media space, but what I've tried to create are better online ad formats that users prefer and engage with more instead of the boring banners etc. We've found they work 10 to 60 times better than banners and they educate advertisers so that they can offer a lot more to targeted users. If anyone wants to know more about them either do so here or contact me at work on

Annoying in the extreme!

I understand the site needs revenue, but this moving highly visible advert is annoying as Rob states. It is also interfering with the signup function. The ad bar was blocking me from hitting the submit button and I had to close the adbar off first. I normally don't risk touching ad bars at all in case they lead to malicious code exploits on my browser. So I very nearly was put off registering as a user of the site.

Thanks Joe and Rob, the adbar is not a regular feature, but one that I need to utilise every so often. And getting the balance and size right across the site, all your comments are welcome and valid. There will be a new one appearing over the weekend for 2-3 days for testing and then that will be it for a while. Any ad donation is from the home page adcube 30 days for a £10 donation to local companies, and that goes to pay for the hosting fees. The site isn't here to make money it's here for the local community as there is no other forum for them and I'll keep it that way. I'm constantly looking at how different adbars could be perceived but also what would users like you like to see in them so that you'd click on them. That way a happy medium can be found.

So what's the perfect things to have in an Adbar? You can choose anything. I'm genuinely asking and interested in my fellow public's thoughts on this. If advertisers are to provide better ads to you that would genuinly interest you then what do you want them to do, look like, and have in them which woudl be interesting, helpful and encourage you to check out more about ad an advertiser's offer, service or product?  

I would honestly say avoid horizontal ad bars, all the big sites like yahoo and google almost exclusively use vertical (closable) right hand side panes.

Also you look like you are hoping to fill the first page with a giant obtrusive ad, don't the site isn't about the ad and it may cheapen it in my opinion.

What I would suggest is change your ad model. Each time I comment I receive an email. In that email place a small ad along with the information.

I never do click through ads. Ads act only as brand recognition to me personally. I know I am not the ideal customer and for others these could be great.

as Joetheplumber said, I never click ad's from websites and hate ones that get in the way/take your attention, down the side would be much better.


Truthfully the cube on the front page is not noticeable, I totally ignored its existence until you mentioned it.
and Because it is moving, you notice the cube, not the ad's on it. 


But yes, the ad bar at the bottom is annoying as it grabs your attention too much,just like them ones some sites have the pop up right in the middle of the site, I usually click off the site at that point.
Maybe if the animation only  happened for the first 5 seconds or something, that could be better. 



Cheers guys. Adbars for now are off the website, until the next test is required. At work we've created a few including this one for Shelter - we hope they'll use it this for Bourjois Cosmetics plus plenty more


We can place them on local newspaper websites across the UK like the NewsShopper and Bromley Times, plus some NHS Trust websites, Kelkoo, Daily Motion, ViewLondon and lots more besides. They cost about £10 cpm and minimum order is £1000 so best for businesses. They are interacted with 6-60 more than normal banners.


Keep adding your input in what woudl work best in them and make you interact. My goal is to find a happy but effective medium



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